The Basics

Feeling paralyzed by the many changes in technology but know that ministry can happen on social media and through your website ? SocialEcclesia is a micro-conference for leaders who are looking for help, insights, strategy and a boost! We will take the time to help you fully utilize modern tools which can be used to advance our mission in Christ.  With one end in mind, we desire to foster Spirit-led digital presence in the Church.

Who Should Attend?

Let’s start with this, we are for leaders who are eager to learn! Meaning, we are in this to help those who feel behind the curve, under resourced and not-so ”socially savvy” online. Our team and our communicators can help those who want to know what it truly means to “engage.” We can help you figure out how to make  digital communications have a lasting impact on real human lives. Can the “socially savvy” attend and participate? Of course!


Tony Morgan || The Giant Inflatable Blue Monkey

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